At last, and halleluiah!!, a correction! While every one of our clients has heard me preach from the get go that corrections are healthy bull market phenomena, clearly—as they occur—not everyone buys that line. Here are a few of the inquiries/comments I’ve fielded over the past few days: “Should I build a bigger cash position?” […]

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Take in this excerpt from The Foreign Exchange Matrix, the excellent 2013 book by Barbara Rockefeller and Vicki Schmelzer: In market contagion, the less-knowledgeable party knows that he is less knowledgeable and fears being cheated, so that he sells even when there is no evidence that the quality of the asset has changed. I began […]

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After all of the analysis, the economic statistics, and the explaining that low commodity prices, particularly oil’s, have a stimulus effect that ultimately offsets the ill, it’s time to get down to what truly matters most in the business of long-term investing. In 2008 (during the heart of last bear market) I published what I […]

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