In a post last week I offered up three charts that illustrated the ills of recency bias: which, in the context I use here, is the basing of one’s investment decisions on recent past performance. Here’s another illustration: It’s September 30, 2015 and John and Jane (both in their early 60s) recently contributed (but not […]

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My charge as counselor to the folks who entrust their portfolios to our firm is to teach them how to think like long-term investors. Which, in today’s media-rich world, can be quite the task. When pundits who—by nature of their media exposure—have to know what they’re talking about tell us that there’s a “99.7% chance […]

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Tell me you’re not at least a little nerve-wracked over the stock market these days. I’m not hearing anything because you can’t tell me that. As much as we know that equity investing is a long-term affair—and that volatility is inevitable—let’s face it, when it’s “bad” it stinks! When the stock market’s “bad” we wish […]

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