If you’re at all surprised by this week’s weakness in stocks you haven’t been watching my recent videos. Which is perfectly fine as long as your surprise isn’t combined with intense worry. If it is, then you might want to take the few minutes a few times each week and take them in. My aim […]

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It’s difficult not to stray just a bit from purely market/economic content herein (as I have of late [it’s the season]), particularly when I hear directly from our clients that their delightful, bright and still impressionable children whom I’ve come to know  through the years—either in person or through their parents doting anecdotes—are being duped by political wolves in dogooders […]

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Look left, look right, then look around… When I look left I see a mammoth power-hungry establishment that seems somehow adept at convincing a large swath of the populace that it stands equipped to better their lots by slicing mammoth power-hungry establishments down to size. Hmm… When I look right I see, well, ditto! Hmm… A […]

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