If a company’s share price is a reflection of its future earnings, and dividends, potential, a thoughtful investor would assess the business environment in which the company in question presently finds itself. Thoughtful investors, like you and me, who find solace  in diversifying away the risk that one company’s unanticipated poor management decisions might detrimentally […]

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It was quite the week last week, with good news seemingly throttling the stock market early on and relatively blah news bringing it back in full force at the end. Good news—for the moment—seems to be bad news, that is. Where we’re seeing the good news is bad news saga play out most plainly, and […]

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As I’ve hinted of late, expectations for the first estimate of Q1 GDP were on the very low side. And, sure enough, the number came in at 0.2%. While, on its face, such a low reading would be something to worry about, this one gets a pass based on rough weather, the West Coast port strikes […]

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