Pension Advice With Martin Mazorra

The business of giving pension advice can vary substantially among practitioners. It’s important for trustees to understand that no one professional is likely qualified to render pension advice in all pertinent areas. For example; when it comes to plan administration, pension advice should come from an administrator who specializes in retirement plans. There are also myriad government regulations to be navigated. It’s not at all uncommon for an employer to seek pension advice, in the area of compliance, from an ERISA attorney. A well-versed investment professional can help with compliance as well…

Then there’s the investing of pension assets. Pension advice with regard to investing is where you’ll find a vast array of professionals from different backgrounds vying for business…

There’s the life insurance agent whose pension advice relates specifically to a product sponsored by his parent company. Many life companies offer pension advice and services using a “bundled” approach where all investment and administrative functions are handled under the same umbrella, albeit facilitated within separate departments.

Pension advice is provided by Wall Street firms using a variety of investment platforms, ranging from in-house bundled programs to individual accounts either managed by a broker or outsourced to an institutional money manager. Wall Street brokers generally have access to group annuity products as well.

Many Independent Registered Investment Advisor Reps (IARs) offer pension advice as well. An IAR may offer services related to investing, using any or all of the above platforms, as well as compliance. An experienced IAR can write a customized investment policy statement address issues related to government regulations as well as assist in the investing of plan assets…


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