Personal Financial Planner: How Personal?

How personal should your personal financial planner be?

That’s a question that depends entirely on you.
What are you looking for?

A: Someone to simply help you allocate your growing fortune so you can attain all your financial dreams, and leave the rest (projecting, budgeting, etc.) to you? I.e., a not-so-personal personal financial planner.

B: Someone who’ll help you predict what you’ll need to reach retirement, for example, at the age you desire with the income you require, while helping you allocate your assets as well (and leave the rest (budgeting, etc.) to you? I.e., a semi-personal personal financial planner.

C: Someone who’ll help you fix your budget, as well as all of the above? I.e., a truly personal financial planner.

D: Someone who’ll do A,B and C and accompany you when you visit the realtor, the car and appliance salespeople, attend your daughter’s eighth grade graduation and your baby’s baptism? I.e., a too-personal personal financial planner.

I’m hoping that A or B, maybe even C, works for you. If you need D, please lose my number…


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